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How to get FREE websites + domains!


So typically we all know about the struggles of getting a website and domain-name system setup

(For confused people think of it this way- (domain-name system) or DNS really just means the website name like "" or "")

and the website part is what is shown on the DNS (domain-name system) which is what you are viewing right now!


So in ukraine there is a free domain system where you can register a "PP.UA" domain example here

(Which I know is not the usual domain your used to like .COM)

but since it is free it obviously has extra security to keep hackers from messing with it too much, which is why we can help do it for you!

Anyone who buys anyone of our subscriptions can get unlimited websites along with unlimited DNS all set-up free of charge!


We can even help you setup a website with emojis in the domain name like "👈😊👉.pp.uato help you express your business or personal website more than you can do with latin symbols, Or if you don't speak english we can even help you get a spanish or even arabic website setup using this special trick!


To purchase a subscription simply head here

Or text (803)-526-7837